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Folks Made in the USA is dying. People in our own country will buy "cheaper" vs the Made in USA label.. It goes one step further.. I flipped and seen on CNN where a East Coast writer said>> It's just around the corner not "IF" but when the USA will default on it's debt.

1) In post World War II, the World wanted our TV's are refridgerators and so on.. Whirlpool and other companies went to Japan to buy precison cast gear boxes. The public started to accept a few imported manufactured goods here and there. In the early '70 one could look at the home electronics era swing from Germany and the USA to Japan. Look up the history of McIntosh and Pioneer. Clarion bought McIntosh..

2) As a people we accept going to Walmart, where 80% of the goods are coming from overseas. It's not just Walmart, but go to your local mall and read the labels. IPhones and Ipods are made in China. IBM sells there Thinkpads to China. It comes down to us as People in this nation..

3) The lastest thing that I have recently scene was one of our LARGEST production CNC Machine Shops, with nearly 200 stations, had a down turn with orders. This caused a rift in the money backers.. Banks and financial institutions that LEND.. Guess what hapened, a company funded by China came in and secured the equipment and debt. Within 180 days they shut the US operation down rigged up all the equipment and sent it overseas. Now the company is cranking out Aerospace parts ON contract that they secured with the private purchase. Hundreds of employees lost there jobs. And now we will be flying in planes made at the expense of these workers.. Union or not..

4) You see all the "green" jobs being created. ALL the specialized manufacturing, solar cells and wind power are moving overseas. Here's another story. The permits to install those large wind-generation towers take year and years to get the permits and infrastructure going. Right now it is cheaper to take down a known working power head and put up another unit. These are million dollar gearboxes and generators. The Germans and Japan have a corner on this market. Right now in my local Port, we have parts to build these windmills that cannot be put up unless they are US made.. These companies are casting AND precision machining all the massive parts overseas and are now quietly shipping them over here to be assembled.

It's all messed up..
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