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Not particularly hung-up on price but weeding out the bull#### from reality is something I'm hung-up on.

I was pursuing what appeared to be a good car from Georgia last week. first call I was told all about the origin of the car, how well it runs bla bla bla. Talked for 30 min. on the rims. only issue a few pinhead paint chips in valance. He never did answer questions I had.

second Call I said I had some specific question to ask. Again could not ask the questions once he started with all the work he had done to car. Although this time it did make my hair stand on end as he spoke of how this guy! and that guy! did an engine rebuild for him and installed this and that part. never mentioned a shop but just a guy!

In the end I sent him an email listing 25 questions just simple nothing too hard. I told him I'll call go through questions and make aggangements for purchase. I had already made appointment at local shop for PPI. After all, at this point I wanted the car and price is set. Keeping on focus and get back to list of questions when talk went astray. Come to find out electronics are wonky; sunroof will not open, windows stuck half open, horn etc. etc not functioning. Odometer not functioning.... had asked a couple times when motor and gearbox was worked on... always the response was 500 miles ago...come to find out that was 8 years ago and odometer has not worked for how long?..."I can't remember 5-6 years"

The list of items that had little issues just kept growing.....I guess he thought that disclosure of all these obvious issues would be best before he drove it for PPI.

Point being! Long way to say due diligence in getting the right car is the most important part of process.

I learned a valuable lessen the first car that I went to see. You need to pull the trigger when you find the car!

I traveled out to seattle to look at a car from Montana that was being sold by a Porsche service garage/tuner. When I arrived, there was already someone looking at car, it took me all of 30 seconds to know that i was not interested. I did talk to the shop owner for a bit as I was not going to pass-up the opportunity to learning something new about these cars. before I left I asked the other guy who was looking a question. I asked... what he thought of it. He said he had been there for about an hour and a half and he had gone through all the records and crawled and sniffed every crevice of the car and was still thinking on it. My second question was how long you been looking for a 930....answer was NINE YEARS. He never even flinched when he said nine years!. I almost chocked..I bet he didn't buy that one either
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