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I certainly respect you opinion, your right to post it, and your input.

I have many UAW friends from GM Ft.Wayne and work with them often. I would be more than happy to post a copy of my GM contractors badge if needed. Joe Smith from the reclamation dept. at Ft. Wayne and I were in Arlington together just a couple weeks ago for a week on a project. Joe and I have worked together for about 12 years on different projects at the plant and we are good friends. Joe has a beautiful home probably $300-$350K, a lake cottage, 2GM vehicles within 2 years old, a Chevy Duce drag car with 2 spare 454 engines, enclosed hauler, a motor home, and 2 new Harley's. Sorry but that kinda makes my 30 year old $16,000 930 look like the Clampets.

Every part of what I posted was my personal experience and the truth. I understand the union now administers pensions and benefits but we both know where the money comes from and it's not from the union. The extortion, your phrase not mine but true, I mentioned was 2 contracts ago at GMFWA. The $74 an hour figure was from an internal GM web site and can be confirmed in the congressional record of the hearings for the GM bailout. The GM Metal Fab experience was probably 7-8 years ago and is the God's truth because I didn't hear about it I lived it.

I am not some elitist snob that drives a 930 Porsche and casts aspersions on the poor little people. I are the little people and I have paid my dues. I shoveled walks and mowed lawn until I was 14 and then I shoveled coal for $2 a ton until I got job pumping gas after school and on weekends while I was in high school I then went to work in a "union" tire factory on third shift my senior year. When I graduated I voluntarily went to war for my country and after the service I worked in a "union" grey iron foundry and went to school nights for 7 years with a wife and three kids until I got my degree. I raised 3 beautiful college educated daughters and designed and built my own house from the ground up. I'm 67 now I have a junk heart and cancer and I still work full time so don't blow smoke up my ass about those poor, had working UAW workers I've worked around them in nearly every auto plant in the US, Mexico, and Canada and one thing we both know is they don't kill themelves, not buy a long shot.

Above all I'm an honest man and I'm sure you are too. But, although I am a proponent of the need for unions to promte safe and decent working conditions for workers they have completely lost sight of their original intent. Many unions are completely out of control. The greed an corruption of these unions has contributed in a very large part to the extreme cost of manufacturing in the US and thus are responsible, in a large part, for our jobs going to other countries.

Oh!! two things in closing: If I were UAW would I go from my old 930 to a 965(nice car you have) and secondly, have you ever played a round on the poor UAW's 40 million dollar private golf cource in the UP


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