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We have people at very HIGH levels of government that want all of us to live in 50 story condo's and ride our bike to the local light rail system. Going to "work" doing "what" then repeat the process going home. Sit and watch CNBC, CNN, Cspan all night and go to bed..

I would like to see the vehicle registrations for all the "Green peace" and "Sierra Club" members.. The Benz, BMW and the Prius sitting in there driveway. Has anyone watched Whale Wars.. All the Diesel that they burnt and jet fuel in there Helicopter??? In the end you watched the Whalers GET there animals on board. One whale yieled a million dollars??

Has anyone noticed the Coal and Natural Gas TV ads lately?? Put everyone back to work building clean burn Modern Generation/Power stations. Heck we are the ONLY world power that isn't building new Nuclear plants. We have area's in this country that "IF" something happened it could get contained. We could build them BETTER than all the 3rd world countries which are having France and Russia getting the Billions from them..

Shut down OIL imports.. Build two HIGH SPEED train system from coast to coast North and South>>East and West... Double track, one for passenger one for Freight.. Get rid of interstate Diesel trucking and ship coast to coast with our new train system.. Powered by new nuclear plants or natural gas.. PUT PEOPLE back to work.. If you are on Food Stamps and don't have a job, GET one of these new jobs.. Build newer steel plants.. Bring manufacturing into the US. Mandate US purchases for our Military.. No more Airbus Tanker contracts. Tax goods thru the roof. Getting Toyota's built in the USA doesn't cut it. All the major parts are being shipped in containers.. Have the USA build the gearboxes, cast the brake rotors.. Bring the manufacturing back to the US...

BUT do we have the kids and 20 somethings to work a 8 hour shift, cleaning parts and deburring parts? You can't find anyone to deburr brand new CNC'd parts.

Force our Government into change or vote them out.. Bring a new party into government... I don't think the left or right is cutting it..
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