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Originally Posted by cole930 View Post

Actually all GM vehicles sold in North America are made in the USA, Canada, or
Mexico. Everything China makes primarily stays there. Those vehicles are models we never see, a lot of diesels and clown cars.
Mexico has 3 active plants and are of course the most profitable because of lower hourly wages and no legacy costs. Legacy costs for GM USA have made profits at US plants nearly zero. Of the $72.00 an hour $28.00 is wages, pension, health, layoff pools are the other $44.00. In other words a Mexican Truck costs 150% less to make because of the benefits the UAW gets not counting the hourly wage difference. So who causes the jobs go to Mexico.
If the government had let GM go tits up they would still be manufacturing vehicles just like they are today right here in the US but for a fraction of the cost because the Unions contracts would have gone out the window with the bankruptcy. Everyone is entitled to make a decent living and that's the way it should be but the greed and corruption that goes on is sinking our ship and we all better learn Chineese.

Whew! Just read your last two responses. True-to-form, you speak with not only strong conviction but with a deep knowledge base as well.
Don't get me started on the value of Unions in this country....they have long long long since outlived their original - and at the time probably necessary - intent. With benefit packages now hovering around 48% of a persons total salary (insurance, vacation, sick pay, etc.) we're all in a death spiral. We can't afford to pay for the work to be done in this country anymore, nor will people do the work that's "beneath" them. Thus, we outsource...
You used one of my favorite words: "Entitlement". It seems I deal with levels of that in my employees almost daily; it's like a sickness that we continue to feed with higher wages and lower work output. This is a wonderful country, but we Americans are so special and so centered on ourselves that we can't see the forest through the trees. It's all about me me me (sounds like I'm warming up for the opera).
It all makes me wonder what will be left when I'll be needing it in a few short years. As Paul once sang "will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64", I'm sure hoping our economy hasn't tanked 8 years from now when I'll be singing that song.
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