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Guess we are still going there.

Increase your torque peak 10% and acceleration increase can approach 10%.

Increase the Torque peak 10% and do so at a 10% higher rpm point and you acceleration increase can approach 20%.

Of course we need to increase TQ if we can and have the budget for it.

There is a direct relationship between TQ and HP. However, HP also has the component of time where TQ is an event. HP is the torque and how many times we can avail ourselves to it in a given time period.

For us building a motor studying the TQ curve can give us many good clues. The best is how efficient our motor is. VE is much more related to TQ than it is to HP. Knowing the displacement of one's motor one can pretty much derive what VE level a motor is running at. The point where a normally aspirated motor's TQ peaks is where the cam's, headers and other factor come to together and work there best. With a turbo motor we have to factor in the actual level of boost as boost then becomes the factor that most effects VE. Watching changes in a TQ curve can tell us where the turbo onset is, where the wast gate starts to open, where performance starts to fall off and a few other things I am sure.

TQ is power. However, it is just the power of one event. This power must be multiplied over a period of time to be of use to us toward acceleration. One can take 200# and multiply it by 3000 time in a minute and make 172hp. Or you can multiply it by 6000 times and make twice that or 344hp. The more times you can multiply in in a given space of time the more power or HP you have.

Many people call a transmission a "torque multiplier". This is true. Another way to think of it is it is a lever. A lever multiplies force.

Again, we have the event (power strokes of one revolution or TQ), how many times in a minute we can do so (HP), and a lever (ergo, transmission "ratios").

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