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You mean like an Audi ALMS Diesel LMP1 car with the same HP as Acura LMP1 gasoline but more torque? There is no car on the planet that charges harder out of the corners than the LMP1 Diesel's from Peugeot and Audi. So your argument doesn't hold up there.

The Audi probably has a higher hp AVERAGE per gear than the Acura even though they have the same peak hp. I don't think anyone has claimed peak hp determines the faster accelerating car, it's always been said (in this thread) that the integrated hp in a gear was the determining factor. Which it is.

You think that HD weighs the same as 1liter GSX-R? Your argument doesn't hold up there either. Even then, the HD is quicker off the line than the GSX-R.....not unless the GSX-R driver fries his tires.

If they were the same weight the GSX-R would still completely smoke the HD if it has twice the hp. No contest.

EPA test cycles for one.......why do you think the C-5 Corvettes got 6 speeds? .All to improve CAFE numbers. Talk to any Corvette owner and ask them what they think of 6 speeds. Ask any Porsche 911 Turbo owner is more exciting to accelerate, the 996 turbo or the 930 turbo. A lot of them think the Tiptronic is just as much fun as the 6 speed. It is that boring, even though the 996 turbo is quicker.

Sports cars don't have extra gears for economy. Sure the corvette has a tall 6th for economy, and you do get economy benefits for closely spacing the gears... However, why do race cars have six gears? The reason is so that when you run through each gear you stay in the highest rpm possible. Even if your torque is completely flat so that in each gear you sweep out the same average torque, you will still get benefits from having more gears and keeping your rpms high since you will sweep out a higher hp average.

I like your enthusiasm Dave , however, to be completely honest with you, the stuff 911st says seems to match the definitions I've learned more than what I've read from you. However, I've just scanned this thread so I haven't read every line and can't vouch for anything that I haven't written myself.
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