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Keith says;
"But it is HP that accelerates the car."

Originally Posted by Yargk View Post
Statements like torque accelerates you and hp keeps you going are misleading if not false.
Originally Posted by WERK I View Post

I like your enthusiasm Dave , however, to be completely honest with you, the stuff 911st says seems to match the definitions I've learned more than what I've read from you. However, I've just scanned this thread so I haven't read every line and can't vouch for anything that I haven't written myself.
No wonder we're falling behind the rest of the world in Science and Math!

P is power, Τ is torque, and ω is rotations per minute. The constant 5252 comes from (33,000 ft·lbf/min)/(2π rad./rev.).

Do either one of you two see how power(P) is calculated? And what is used to calculate P, besides the constant 5252 and RPM?

Horsepower is a measure of Energy like BTU's, Watts. It(HP) is a measure of Force(in this case Torque) over a Time period.
Torque is a measure of force like foot-lbs, Newton-meters. It is the Force of a moment.

Yargk, tell me you can't calculate torque from an HP curve from the formula I've just given.

You guys, this is High School Physics, for pete's sake!

Rarly8 (Brian) wrote;
"Torque vs HP talk has been done to death 50 years ago. You need look no further than drag racing to get your answer. Turbos and superchargers rule. That is torque. If HP ruled you'd see Indy cars lined up at the lights."

You are so-o-o-o right! What an idiot I was to fall into this stupid debate!

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