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Yes, it can be confusing the first time around. As Brian pointed out, Z1 isn't always clearly marked on all cars. Checking and setting the timing is very simple - using an old-fashioned timing light if that's all you have (it's all I've ever had). But yeah, you first gotta be sure where Z1 TDC is. And yes, you must have the signal pickup connected to #1 plug wire or the light won't blink at all.

How to identify Z1? It's at the top of the #1 piston compression stroke (both valves closed, obviously). Pull the distributor cap and slowly turn the engine over until the rotor points to the #1 cylinder wire. That will only get you in the ballpark. To accurately find TDC, you'll need to put a dial indicator down into the cylinder bore to find the point where the piston is at the top of it's travel (or, less conventionally and less accurately, you can drop a short wood dowel down into the cylinder, turn the engine slowly by hand, and watch the dowel's upward travel until it moves no more).

Kinda hard to do given the access to #1. Last time I had my engine out, I dialed in TDC exactly and marked the pully. No more confusion.
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