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One of the most memorable times with Bello for me was the day that I walked into the shop and the engine was fully open and exposed. I will mention that he suffers from some source of disease, if something happens to the engine it doesn't matter at what time or what date is, he will immediately open the engine and will fix it.

On the last Mile event is when the cylinder head broke, NEXT morning at 7.30 am I got the call from him, "I just opened the engine and found the problem" when I ask him at what time he started working on the car he replayed that at 6.00 am simply unreal and all that work by himself too.

On that date he told me that I was going to be one of the "few" people to ever seen his engine open,
he told me and I quote

"you are always looking how I make so much power, this is your opportunity, the engine is open so feel free to look at anything you like and let me know what you find"

HA! I was static my first opportunity to see how the hell this guy makes this power! So I looked at the head, pistons, rods, you named when I was done I told him that I was not able to find anything.

His Replay; "How come?" He was standing in front of me, he smiled and say
"You are looking at the secret" it was that date that I realize that is Bello himself he is the secret, whatever numbers he plugs on the car they seem to work, he has figured out what numbers this cars like.

My car has never ever run this good, Bello plugged his numbers and the rest is history.

We are working on the traction issue and I'm sure we are going to resolve it very very soon BUT it takes a long time to sell him any idea
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