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Originally Posted by Elombard View Post
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I was convinced when I realized the windows and power seats wee on this circuit it was one of those! But I re-checked and pulled the fuses and no of the passenger seat motors is not working and the passenger window wont go down so I figured a motor winding had come apart....Wouldn't pulling the fuse have detected that?

No, not if the circuit had an open. One of the most misused words in the English Language is the word "short". A short only occurs when you have a straight connection between Battery Plus (+) and Ground (Battery -). If you have a short, yes you would blow a fuse, but if it wasn't fused, you'd have a fire. Most likely when things break, it creates an "open"...device stops working, no harm no foul. Porsche in is infinite wisdom, didn't always fuse footwell blowers, for example.
The windows not working may be the result of an open circuit, more than likely a broken lead on the window switch or mis-wired. Windows are a ignition switch enabled device and it sounds like you have a drain when the switch is turned off, yes?

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I turned the meter to the continuity setting and put one end on the wire that is showing the draw and the other on the fuses, one at a time.

Almost every fuse showed continuity.

Does that indicate its a dead short to the chassis somewhere?
If you're drawing 3 AMPS, that means that somewhere on the car there's a circuit that is about 4 Ohms resistance. (Ohm's Law...I= E/R, where I is amperage, E is Voltage and R is resistance)
I am wondering if its diodes in the Alternator again.

Could be the diodes, but don't rule anything out.
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