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You guy's are driving me nuts !!!!

It appears to be a fuel problem but you also do not know for sure.

1. It's either no spark or no fuel. Eliminate no spark first. Pull the coil wire, hold it 1/2 inch from the mounting bracket, have someone crank the car and verify you have spark. CDI box humming is not a positive indication that the box is good.
Once you have varified you have spark, THEN, start checking fuel.

2. You car is an 84 so it is a ROW car and it does not have a yellow relay in the back or the small relay under the seat.

3. The rear fuse panel has 3 fuse holders, none of them have anything to do with the fuel system.

4. The rear fuse panel should have 1 red relay that is the air flow/ charge sensor relay

5. The front relay panel has 2 fuel pump relays and are the first 2 relays (red) on the end of the relay panel closest to the windshield. The first is
Fuel pump 2 and it powers the rear fuel pump and provides the 12vdc for the warm up regulator. The second red relay is for the front fuel pump.

6. In the front fuse box fuse number 16 is the 25 amp fuel pump fuse it is the
6th fuse in from the windshield side. Take the fuse out , clean the tips with a file or sandpaper, clean the holder, and pull the wires off and clean them. Replace
the fuse , turn the ignition and check for voltage.

7. Pull the first red fuel pump relay, turn it over and brush the pins to clean them and then insert a thin feeler gauge blade in the split of each pin to slightly spread the pins open to assure a good connection. Do this on both relays. Do not use black relays use only red. Once the relays, fuse, connections, and fuse holder are cleaned and reinstalled turn the ignition to the second position and go to the engine compartment and pull the wires off the grey connector on the fuel distributor. The fuel pumps should run.

8. If the fuel pumps did not run turn off the ignition and remove the first red relay, turn it over and read the numbers next to the pins. Find pin 30 and pin 87
Then looking at the rubber relay socket locate the socket holes for pin 30 and pin 87. Check the voltage between the pin 30 socket hole and ground for 12vdc ignition neede to be on 2nd position the get voltage. . Cut a short peice of wire and strip each end about 1/4 inch bend the wire into a U and insert one end into rubber socket hole 30 and one into socket hole 87 turn the ignition to the 2nd position, the rear pump shoudl run. ( That tells you the rear fuel pump is good ) Repeat this for the second fuel pump relay )

9. Post the results of these instructions.

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