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Anyone fitted a complete 964 turbo intake to their 930?

Hey folks,

I'm looking for those with experience in this area to share ideas. I have a Kokeln intercooler kit that came with the complete 964 turbo intake kit. Some of you may remember last summer I aborted the installation due to fitment problems the day before I drove the car down to Carolina for Turbopalooza. Here is the thread for reference/photos.

Incoming! Kokeln I/C "charge air cooler" - questions on install

Well, after getting back from that trip I started the rebuild shortly thereafter, so the intercooler and intake has been sitting. Now that the engine is pretty much together, I am working on getting this thing fitted and am really unhappy with the fitment of the plastic 964T intake pipe and silicone elbow. It is possible to get these pieces together, but only barely. With A LOT of wrestling, I can fit everything together, but the clamped connections between the plastic intake pipe and the rubber elbow at the metering housing and at the elbow going into the compressor housing are not able to be fully pushed on. Its as if every piece of the system is 5mm too short. The turbo is correctly positioned and fixed in place by the bracket, so no ability to move things there.

I basically have two ideas at the moment:

1) ditch the 964T intake and use the stock down pipe going into the compressor housing. This will require that I fit a new piece between the elbow and the where the factory BOV housing used to be (a part that every other Kokeln kit I've heard of comes with). This piece needs to transition from 80mm OD (3.14") to 70mm OD (2.75"), and must be about 130mm long. The 80mm (3.14") seems to be a hard to find size, and I think 3" won't fit properly. I have some ideas as to where to source a pipe for the transition, or I could see if Kokeln will sell one to me a la carte (if they are even available). With this route, my 964T plastic pipe and elbow will be up for sale if anyone wants to give this mod a go.

2) Keep the 964T plastic intake pipe, but find a suitable elbow connector to use in place of the 964T silicone elbow going into the compressor. The 964T elbow is 90 degrees, with very short legs. It also is offset a bit. There are photos in the thread link above to give you an idea what it looks like. I think an elbow connector with a little more length and "adjustability" would allow the platic intake pipe to be fitted securely, and still have a good connection on to the compressor housing. I've been searching endlessly on google for something like a 90 degree hump hose or maybe even a bellows type hose. I just can't seem to find anything that looks like it will work. Any suppliers or alternative ideas welcome. I'm thinking maybe a hose that is not even silicone...some other aerospace material...sort of like the heat exchanger hoses, only it must be airtight.
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