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I thought I'd bring this thread back briefly to see if folks have any more data on whether the air injection truly adds any power or just adds weight.

I have my engine on the stand and am tempted to remove the air system and save it for some future date when it may be desired (sale to someone who wants stock setup,etc.).

I have detached the fitting to the cat last year when I put on a rarlyl8 muffler. I but a bag ove the open end, zipped it closed and zipped it up to the hanger undet the fender. If the pupm was really pushing air into my cat in any significant amount, seems the bag would have blown off the fitting or at least inflated. I see no effect at all. Both solenoids are powered, the belt is in place, etc. Perhaps one of the diverter valves is stuck?

One thought I had was this - if the pump was useful in adding power by spinning the turbo - maybe if I left the injectors in place and removed/plugged the cat end to force all air into the injectors...woudl I get more power? OR would I just hose up the AFR's?

Which brings up a another question now that I have an AFR meter and adjustable WUR...should AFR's be set with air pump off or with air pump on? I would think having the ait pump running would lead to artificially lean AFR readings, meaning the engine would actually be running too rich as one woudl be compensating for the extra air in the exhaust that was never in the intake. Does this make sense?

Sorry to ramble. I guess my questions are; should I yank the air system; modify it to nly send air to the injectors; and if I leave it in should I disable it when tuning AFR's to avoid the extra air generating false AFR reading leading to an overly rich setting?

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