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I need help bad! 3.3 won't run at all.

I have a 1972 RS clone that I just replaced a 1986 Carrera engine with a 1987 3.3 Turbo engine. I was told that the 3.3 ran fine when removed. The engine had been sitting for quite some time before I got it so I did a leakdown and compression test on it. The numbers came back fine.

Dilemma: I am able to force the engine to run, but canít get it to run on its own. If I press down slightly on the air flow sensor plate and open it up about 1/8 inch, the engine will start and idle fine as long as I keep the plate slightly opened. I have the fuel pump wired through a relay triggered directly off the ignition switch, so it is not affected by sensor plate position. The idle is at around 1500 rpm, dependent on how far I hold down the plate.

If I apply throttle, I have to manually open the sensor plate wider to keep up with the air intake. The engine will not move the sensor plate with its vacuum. The sensor plate is not bound up at all. It moves quite freely. It is tougher to move it when the fuel pressure is applied. The engine will rev to redline if I apply correct amounts of throttle and fuel ďby handĒ.

The vacuum that should open the sensor plate is virtually nonexistent. I went through the entire intake system to find vacuum leaks, and addressed them, but I still am losing all vacuum. I spray starting fluid at all of the potential leak prone areas, and there are no more apparent leaks.

I have the AAV bypassed and plugged at both ends.

I am of the opinion that I am still bringing in unmetered air from somewhere, but canít for the life of me figure out where else it could be coming from.

Any ideas on where else to look? Iím pulling my hair out here!

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