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I'm not sure a bad fuel ammumulator will cause your symtoms. Aren't they primarly there to dampen pressure fluctuations and provide a pressure reserve when re-starting the car? Something like that anyway.

Since your control and system pressures seem to be in line then, there is one more thing that will cause a pig-rich rough running air leak before the throttle body. Remember, that's metered air which has already set up the fuel delivery rate in your CIS fuel head when it deflect the metering plate. If you let that air escape before it gets to the intake manifold, it will throw your mixture to the way rich side. Also, something about your other comment of it running better with one of the fuel pumps taken out of the loop...that's a clue and it's telling us something. Could it be with only one pump you still get the fuel pressure required, but get less volume to the injectors, thus leaning things out a little to compensate for an overly rich condition???? Just a thought.

Turbo hose connections and IC o'rings and hoses....look at them, spray carb cleaner around to see if the rpm's change, pretty painless exercise.

Otherwise, ignition problems maybe. Go after the obvious first (wires, connections, etc).
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