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I've been through the expensive clogged cam spray bar drama too...

If your concerned about more coked oil particals from the turbo clogging them again I'd suggest putting a cleanable oil filter in the turbo scavange line after the pump and before the oil tank.

I've done it 2 different ways now.
First version used a small inline oil filter from system one. I installed it in the origonal rubber line. It worked well but needs to be cleaned often due to the small pleated 70 micron element inside.

Then someone gave me this much larger spin on system one oil filter that has much more capacity and filters down to 35 microns. It has the same threads as the spin on filter tthat goes on the oil tank. They don't make this clear anodized version anymore, instead they are now black anodized and similar.
It was difficult to find a spin on remote mount online with threads that big but they had one at the local Napa that fit perfectly.

Rather than drill holes in the car to mount it I glued a rubber strip to the ID of the metal band on the origonal charcoal canister mount in the right rear fender well and mounted it there. It has been there with no problems since last summer.

I used around 7 feet of 7/16" hose to plumb it in using the origonal fittings and hose clamps.

Your K27 7006 is a low backpressure turbo and from my experience doesn't coke Brad Penn 20-50 oil during average street use and idling the motor after a hot run.

and.. from my experience some hybrid K27 turbos using the smaller 7200 hot side to get quick spool with a large Holset compressor wheel are high backpressure turbos which run alot hotter because of that and will coke Brad Penn 20-50 oil quickly with normal use even if you idle the car after a hot run.
Because of that it is recommended you use high flashpoint synthetic oil with one of those hybrid turbos.
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