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How about just optimizing what you have first?

Sounds like your are saying you are keeping the CIS but want full state of the art programmable ignition system.

With this you still will not over come the restriction added by the CIS metering plate (kind of like sucking through a straw) and poor atomization that comes with CIS at low rpm (low injector pressure spraying 100% of the time and coating the intake valve area in wait).

In most cases the motor is not going to know the difference between a coil on plug spark or one that comes through a distributor. Check out DonE's motor, I believe he went back to a distributor but with a few other goodies for a hotter spark.

Yes twin plugs have advantages but with your quality AFR's that should come with your D-WUR that is a lot of money to mostly just add about 3% more power from the twin plug function at the low end.

You could probably get your stock components to work better with a little work on a dyno to identify the ideal off idle advance and probably get a good percentage of the possible improvement. It could also help you find the ideal on boost timing value at TQ peak for your build and fuel.

The stock components are adjustable with little effort for initial advance, total advance, advance curve, and for total amount of boost and or vac retard.

A step up might be a programmable MSD box. This should help to ignite the poor CIS air fuel mix at low RPM and also allow you to bend the timing curve around the TQ peak for a little border power band.

The next step up could be to get a programmable system that adds the functionality of changing timing based on different intake air and motor temps so you can run closer to an ideal under all operating conditions safely. Heck, just get a simple programmable controller, a crank trigger, temp sensors, and MAP sensor and use it to drive your stock components for a lot less.

Just a thought.
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