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I'm going to digress here so I don't confuse you and /or others with
differing opinions. I'm really old and I have made nearly every mistake that is humanly possible. Consequently, I have learned a lot from my mistakes and now try to apply what I have learned. I am not a Porsche mechanic or anything other than an avid , long time (50 + year) Porsche fanatic who has had a lot of these cars and I do all my own work.

First determine what you want based on how you are going to use the car
and how much money you have available to get you there. My ideal is to tape a blank check on my dash and send the car to Chris Carroll at TufboKraft or Bob Holcumb at MODE with a note that says " build me the fastest street 930 on the planet " Reality check " It ain't ever going to happen "

Plan B: Knowing that my Chris Carroll/ Bob Holcomb money is all going to Mayo Clinic for the co-pay on $732,000 of Heat and Cancer operations I was forced to get real with my plan. I came to the realization that every pipe dream, unfinished Porsche project out there is there because someone ran out of money because they didn't have a plan before they started. I've been through the, buy the cool **** everyone talks about on the forums not knowing if you really need it, if it really works, or how much other cool **** you have to buy to make it work. The only saving grace with that is the PP classifieds because you can sell it when you realize you don't really need it or it's not the right thing to use. Know what you need before you buy anything and to do that you have to know what you are trying to accomplish.

Plan C: I was fortunate, ah!!! maybe not so fortunate, to have a lot of time
recuperating after 9 operations and sitting 7-8 hours in chemo for six months. I
spent my time reading everything I could too determine what I wanted, what was practical, what was not, and what I could afford. I finally setteled on a street only 930 based on a stock short block that was as fast as possible, as safe as possible, as reliable as possible, and at a cost I could afford. That seems simple but fast, safe, and reliable don't necessarily go together easily and affordable is the toughest. I made a comprehensive list of every component I needed as well as the brand and cost of each. So far I'm sticking to the plan. I'm 12% over budget due to upgrades on the originally purchased Ignition and the BOV. I still have some things I will be selling eventually, so all in all I'm doing pretty well.

If you have a good solid motor to start with you can easily reach 375- 400 HP without having to split the case. The most agressive mod needed would be a cam change or upgrade. Virtually everything else required is bolt on. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you add a better turbo you need a bigger intercooler and good afr control.To get good afr's you need the fuel system to be right on and a DWUR or BL WUR is required. With more power you need better exhaust. At this point if you look right in front of you, you will see that slippery slope everyone talks about.

I apologize for getting off on a rant here but felt it might be good information for others. If anyone takes anything away from this let it be the lesson of the old bull and the young bull.

An old bull and a young bull were grazing on top a hill. The young bull looked down in the valley and saw a herd of cows. The young bull turned to the old bull and said " let's run down there and f--- one of those cows" the old bull slowly turned to the young bull and said " let's walk down and f--- them all" Take your time, don't hurry, and do it right.

Cole - 80 930 "The Old Sled"
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