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The only reason I replied to this post in the first place was to try and help. I have no dog in this hunt and I'm not trying to sell anyone anything so I don't give a s..... if anyone chooses to do this the way I did it or not.

When I was initially considering the LM-1 I read all the information I could find from users that were using one and I checked out the forum to get feedback from other users. The one thing that stood out was noise issues on input signals caused by poor grounding. Poor grounding is caused by several things but the most prevalent causes are (1) loose or dirty ground connections, spade connector connections poorly crimped, loose, or broken. (2) Dirty, corroded, or loose factory grounding point. (3) Ground loops and signal interference caused by relays, solenoids, switches, efi, cause by the normal auto common chassis grounding systems. Most of these issues can be easily eliminated by cleaning and brushing all the chassis grounding points and soldering all wire connectors rather than crimping them. Some have had success just using the normal chassis ground but many issues, noted in the Innovate forums, trace directly back to grounding. Being aware of the grounding issues I tried to be proactive by creating a separate, isolated, ground plane just for the LM-1 and associated components. Running a seperate ground from the Batt. Negative terminal to under the passenger seat took 20 Min. The chassis mounting was required anyway. If you don't want to have to isolate the mounting plate from the chassis ground just use a piece of lexan instead of a metal mounting plate. Mounting things in this manner make it very easy to trace the individual component circuits if you have issues and need to diagnose.

I picked the LM-1 because I wanted to monitor AFR, RPM, Boost, System Pressure, Control Pressure and Display AFR. I wanted to be able to download information, Chart, Display, and Compare on a laptop. I wanted the unit to be portable, compact, and switchable. My LM-1 disconnects and comes out of the car in 10 seconds. It is fastened to the floor next to the gas pedal with a large velcro pad and you simply pull 4 plugs. I then take it in the house and hook it to my laptop, it's much better than working in the car. I figured once I have everything set up and tuned I can simply reinstall
the wideband, plug in the Lm-1, log a few runs, and take it back out But after
having it installed it turnes out to be so unintrusive I just turn the LM-1 switch off and pull the wideband when it's not in use leaving the LM-1 in place.

The LM-1 is powered by a seperate toggle switch on the dash with the AFR display mounted next to the switch and is easily seen from the drivers seat while driving.

The wiring chassis is mounted under the passenger seat and all the power inputs to the chassis are fued seperatly with a fuse block on the chassis.The fuse block is easily accesed by moving the seat forward.

The LM-1 is a pain in the ass to implement but there is nothing I have seen that has it's flexability, interface capability, expandability, portability,and datalogging. Lm-1 is a little long in the tooth in compaison too the newer stuff out there but for the price. WORKS FOR ME !!!!

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