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Hi Mike - Just had a similar problem myself and finally found that it was the coil. In the process I learned a few diagnostic tips. My tach had been jumping around prior to failure and from what I had read I suspected the voltage regulator. This unit was an external on my car ('79) and had completely cooked itself (it sits next to the CDI unit in the left rear of the engine bay - not sure if your car may be internal as part of the alternator). I replaced with a unit from our host but still the car had no spark. Removed alternator and had it bench tested - tested fine and also had been upgraded to an internal regulator so now I'm running 2. next step was to check the distributor signal to the CDI. Two wires coming from the bottom of your distributor by the fan strap. There should be a plug inline. Disconnect this and with a multi metre that reads AC voltage measure accross the two wires coming from the distributor as you crank the engine over. You should see 0.1V - 0.3V. Now circuit check from here to the Plug at the base of the CDI for a broken wire (also check from the CDI back to the coil while you're here). If your CDI is still stock when its plugged in properly you should hear a high pitched squeal coming from it with the ignition on. If not this may be your problem. I have a workshop manual which lists an early diagnostic faulty ignition system check as removing the tach (easily done - just pull it gently out of the dash) and remove all connections from the back of it as it is part of the ignition circuit to isolate wether it's faulty or not. I had done all of the above and ended up suspecting the coil. For safe measure I took both the coil and CDI unit to my mechanic who checked them on another car and found the coil to be at fault. Pelican to the rescue and we're going again. As an aside a couple of years ago I had similar problem of cutting out which got progressively worse which turned out to be a faulty overboost switch. This is easily checked by earthing the wire that connects to it. If the car starts your switch could be the problem. Sorry if this is a bit long winded but hopefully there's something in here that may help. Good luck and enjoy getting to know your car - Konrad
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