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From what you said in the origonal post it sounds like it the ignition. Hard to say how the CDI will react to any old coil you might have tried. The resistance or impedance of the primary wires in the coil are important to the CDI.

Not sure what you mean by the coil in the distributor. If you mean the reluctor trigger windings it seems it would work or not work and thats it.

The CDI could probably still whine even if it's broken. The whine comes from the thyristor controller inside of it and not the voltage amplifier or the electrolytic storage capacitors so it may not be working. Electrolytic storage capacitors don't last forever and eventually leak down internally or don't charge up all the way. They work the same way as electronic flash storage caps.

It could also be one of the 6 female spade terminals has come loose in the 6 pin plug that presses into the bottom of the CDI and it's not pressing on to the corresponding male spade terminal on the bottom of the CDI or just touching it intermittantly.

There is a small tab on the side of the female spade terminals that sticks out a few millimeters. It snaps into a groove when pressed into the slot it goes into and locks them in place inside the 6 pin plug so all 6 female spade terminals press onto the male spades when the plug is preessed into the bottom of the CDI unit.

If it's only bent down and not locking it in place anymore it can be dug out and bent back up gently and back in position with a machinest scribe so it will snap into the groove that locks it in place in the plug, but if it's broken off there is no way to lock it into place inside the 6 pin plug anymore and you can't see it if you don't know where to look.
If thats the case a new spade terminal with the locking tab on the side is needed or ditch the 6 pin plastic plug and push each spade terminal on one at a time with needle nose pliers > that would be a pain in the __ even if you know which wires go where...

Or the green coaxial wire that goes from the distributor and into the brown wire harness and then comes back out of the harness at the 6 pin plug under the CDI.
Those are known for breaking down internally after time and repeated fiddling from different mechanics over the years.

Or it could be the ignition coil, and you HAVE to try the right one to know for sure.
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