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Oil change is pretty straighforward. Mine usually takes close to 11 quarts with new filter, give or take. Just keep the level between the two marks on the dip stick, no higher than the top mark or you'll suck oil into the air box and create a nasty smoke cloud.

Turbo (as in turbocharger) service? There's no preventative or routine maintenance you can to to it, other than allowing for several minutes of cool down after running hard on extended boost. Usually, just a few minutes at a slow speed crawl through the neighborhood is sufficient, but a real hot turbo will cause the oil to coke (burn) onto the shaft and seals, shortening the life of the turbo. Just let the oil circulate and cool a bit before shutting her down. Not a concern if you just went down to the local market for a quart of milk.

Treat your 930 as you would a 911. After all, that's what you've got...a low compression 911 that turns into a monster on boost. Change the oil more often than you would a normally aspirated car, adjust the valves every so often, confirm that your AF ratio is correct especially on boost, service airfilter and sparkplugs as needed....just stuff like that.

The fun part is understanding how all the little gizzmos work in concert with eachother. If you're not familiar with CIS K-Jetronic injection (if yours hasn't been swapped out for EFI) - and if you intent to do all your own tuning and work - there are a couple must-haves as far as reading materials. Or, just post your questions here and you'll get great responses.
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