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Originally Posted by JFairman View Post
be very careful jumping terminals on that *%#! pos yellow relay.

i totally burned up 15" of 2 wires in the harness when i jumped it the same way as the red relays in front... they ARE NOT the same.

i know what 2 pins to jump on mine but i'm not gonna tell you which ones to jump because it's a time consuming liability i want no part of if it goes wrong.

and if you know your car and take care of it >>> guess what, you don't need it. throw it into orbit, blast it with a 45 ACP, or flatten it under a sledge hammer with extreme prejudice... thats my opinion.
Thanks and I can appreciate your warnings. Letting the smoke out of anything electrical is not fun.

I checked the layout of the pins on the side of the relay before doing any jumping.

Since I've owned the car for 1 year, I have noticed 4 different pump operations when I turn the key to ON and before I start the car:

1) Pump runs about 1/2 second then turns off for about 1/2-1 second, then runs again for 1/2 second, repeating this sequence until the car is started. It hasn't done this one lately.

2) Pump runs full time until the car is started. Does this rarely.

3) Pump runs about 1/2 to 1.5 seconds then stops until I start the car. When this sequence happens, about 1 out of 10 times it will not start (ie., pump doesn't run when cranking the engine). When it doesn't start, then next OFF-then-ON restart try either does this one again or 4) below.

4) Pump does not run at all. This only happens after 3) above happens and the engine doesn't start.
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