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Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
There is a gap between max torque and max boost which must be taken into consideration.
I am sure there is somthing good intened here but I am not sure what is trying to be conveyed.

We are not taking about max torque. Nor are we talking about max boost, nor there relationship to each other. We are talking about achieving a stated 'hurdle'.

That is, we may need 1 bar by 3k to make 300#. However, max boost might later be 1.2 bar or somthing and max TQ might be 500# or such.

There is a direct relationship between boost and TQ at all points subject to other influences and limitations.

That is, put 10% more air and fuel in a motor at a given rpm and the TQ will increase by close to the same percentage unless a limitation of some type is reached like the turbo falling out of its efficency range.

It is not accurate to simply state that boost must be in by X rpm in order to achieve max y torque at that same rpm.
If you have a TQ goal or hurdel, and you have a reference point for TQ and boost at that same rpm, you can estimate the changes you can expect in TQ with changes in boost level.

There is a very high correlation and I am confident in my numbers.

On a stockish engine you would probably need to hit 1.0bar by 2800rpm in order to see 315+ ft/lb or torque by 3000rpm, which would hit the 180WHP goal.
No matter, sound like we are 'mostly' in agreement on the out come give or take 200rpm.

However, when the motor gets more charge, it makes more power. Not 200 rpm later if that is what is intended. Not sure about dyno v real world feel nor any possable delay from how and where boost referance is taken. Still give me a dyno plot that says X and if the Goal X is 10% more, we need about 10% more charge to get there as any delay will already be factored in the plot.

I'm pretty sure I can do that with my next setup and will report the results when I have time to do it.

For what it is worth I belive your turbo headers are probably the best of the best and to be coveted. Expecially when concidering value, quality and design and I am glad you are continuing your efforts to make them the best they can be.
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