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Common answers to why "My car doesn't start or it's running poorly...."

I thought I would write up the common items to check when our cars won't start or run well. If everyone could copy, paste and edit my start, we could have a good start to a Sticky that new and old owners alike could check or if you have a better idea, go with it.

Adding explenations, links and pictures would be great to show or explain further.

When done, we can get the mods to sticky it to the top.

What do you guys think?

A car that wonít start or doesn't run well can be broken down into two components usually, ignition and air/fuel. Check the following: In no particular order.

Coil Pelican Parts Technical BBS
Cap- Look for cracks, arcing, etc. Clean contacts with small file.
Plugs - If in doubt, install new ones.
Plug wires Check resistance and loose connections.
CDI (located at left rear corner of engine bay) 6-pin SC/Turbo CDI unit repair documentation
Overboost relay (yellow relay at left rear corner of engine bay)
Overboost sending unit and wires (located on BOV)
Delayed cutoff relay (located next to CDI) If this is bad, the car will not start/run.
Speed sensor (under the driverís seat)
Rev limiter relay (under the driverís seat) (same thing as above?)
Dizzy - Use a spare spark plug grounded to test for spark. Never ground bare wire or CDI damage might occur.
Dizzy to CDI coax wire Ages over time. Check connectors and wires with multi-meter.
Battery Verify battery is being charged with multi-meter and do a load test.
Battery connections Clean and tighten.
Grounds Check ground at battery and trans to body. Also, there are many other small grounds for various circuits. Check wiring diagram.
Alternator Verify output at battery.
Starter connections The alternator runs through the starter. Verify the connections are clean and tight. There is also a wire that powers the cold start valve during start up. Verify it's clean and tight. When R&Ring the engine, don't forget to hook up the Pos wire to the starter.
Fuel pump fuse (Try the Lee Rice electrical upgrade: Pelican Technical Article: Technical & Safety )
Fuel pump relays (Two rear most red relays above fuses in fron trunk. Check and clean connections)
Fuel pumps Should run for a second when key is turned on, but some continue to run.
Fuel filter (replace as needed) Located at left front of engine bay next to FA. Bare aluminumin in color.
Fuel accumulator Located at left front of engine bay next to fuel filter. Flat green in color.
Metering plate switch Located on back of metering plate. Has a green/blue plug end.
Warm up regulator
Leaking fuel injector(s) Can cause leak down of fuel pressure and flood cylinder, making it hard to start.
Air leak(s) - Check for loose intake manifold nuts, bulging 0-rings, etc. at throttle body, intercooler, turbo, etc. Spray FLAMMABLE brake or carb cleaner on all joints. If RPMs increase, that might be your leak. BTW, it's FLAMMABLE. Use COMMON SENSE AND CAUTION.
Voltage regulator Check voltage at battery.

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