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Here's some pics to try and show which pins I jump in the yellow relay socket to make the pumps run without it.

I have a red dot on the aluminum panel next to the rubber relay socket female pin where I measure 12 volts positive and a black dot on the panel next the the rubber relay female pin that is ground. These are the two yellow relay socket pins I jump to make the fuel pumps run without the yellow relay.

When only these 2 pins are jumped the pumps run and the cream colored overboost sensor will still shut off the fuel pumps. If I pull the white wire off the overboost sensor the fuel pumps will still shut off with no yellow relay while those 2 socket pins are jumped.

This tells me the yellow relay has nothing to do with overboost protection shutting off the fuel pumps.
I believe the speed relay under the driver seat does that function. There are 2 small relays on the board inside what pelican parts calls the "speed relay" I think this relay is also the factory rev limiter that shuts off the fuel pumps abruptly somewhere around 7200rpm.

It seems to me the yellow relay only works with the safety switch on the air flow meter to shut off the fuel pumps when the engine shuts down and stops in sucking air while the ignition is on.

Pics of the yellow relay next to it's rubber socket and in the relay in the socket.
Red and black ink dots are next to the yellow relays rubber socket pins I jump and a pic of the cover off the yellow relay showing the actual miniature relay with it's dual contact points which are closed at rest on it's circuit board:

Hopefully this overdone description clarifies and shows which yellow relay socket pins I jump.
Also keep in mind the rubber relay sockets will rotate in the panel holes they are installed in so mine may be rotated to a different position than stock but that doesn't change which pins do what or get jumped to bypass the relay.
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