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The hose to the thermostat is fine. I took the top cover off the thermostat and watched it work with a hot air source (not the engine) It pushes right forward and looks like it does its job. I didnt actually do it with engine heat. Maybe I will tomorrow.

I have been through the linkages and adjusted them. I also have run with them all disconnected.

Today I took the sync and identified the throttle bodies that were moving the most air. I adjusted them down more carefully, both stops and air screws until they were at the least I can get without resting the butterflies on the bores. I succeeded in getting the idle down. But it was running horribly rich. I could see it in the exhaust and when I disconnected the fuel pump linkage and just opened the throttles, it took off like a cat out of a cage. Honestly, I think I could drive the car on throttles alone. I am getting way to much fuel at idle.
I will try turning the main screw richer as advised, but I think that will make it worse. I havent tried turning the main screw more than a couple of clicks. I was a bit afraid of messing with main mixture, but I suppose it cant hurt the engine at idle. I think tomorrow, I will turn the main mixture screw all the way lean and see what happons. What do you think?
It acts like something causes it to advance the rack and turn the helix out of the idle range and on to the part load curve. When I give that fuel flow the air it wants, Im over 3000 rpm.
I have adjusted the idle mixture screw dramatically with no affect. I have the idle settings so low now that for the first about five minutes it idles like an old John Deere two cylinder. I give it some more fuel and air to keep the oil pump moving.
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