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You can purchase an entire 930 CIS system for $1000 (manifold alone is $100). That will allow you to use stock parts which keeps cost down and fabrication to a minimum. Down side is aging components. EFI is custom so plan on cost overruns and lots of obstacles. Up side is precise system control.
Late model 930 exhaust is least expensive option but not best design.
This is kind of what I suspected. Like everything in life, there's no free lunch. I'm prepared to spend what I need to spend to do this right, and if the Blitz setup is a better choice I'll go that route. Since I'm still at the learning stage though, it's best to ask first and open the wallet later.

Late model 930 exhaust is least expensive option but not best design. Headers run from $600 Chinese to $4000 custom. Mine are in the middle cost wise.
I won't be purchasing Chinese headers. As a small business owner I'd prefer to support another American small business. I'm guessing I'll need 930 headers, new heater boxes (mine are pretty rusty), and a 930 style muffler? Kind of funny, I didn't want to bug you and run you into the ground with questions before making a purchase, yet here we are discussing it on the forum .

I confess I'm a little confused about the heat setup when running a turbo...

Turbos run from $100 for a good 3LDZ to $1300 for a K27 or Garrett. 3LDZ is a laggy turbo, K27 is a bolt on if using stock 930 equipment, Garrett requires fabrication and oil feed modification if using stock 930 equipment.
Thanks so much for that bit of information. I see a lot of chatter about the K27's, but also lots of criticism because it's an older design. Everyone has their opinions, but when you're new to the subject it's difficult to sort through everything and settle on what works for your setup.

The number one question is do you prefer custom and EFI or bolt-on 930 components?
Probably bolt-on 930 stuff, but if the Blitz system gives a better response with a turbo I'm willing to spend the $$.

I get the feeling you could spend a lot more to do this that is required.
Me too. Fortunately, I have a solid back-up if all else fails
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