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There is still a long narrow condensor on the bottom of the front suspension pan with a really weak fan in the luggage compartment blowing down through it on your car if it hasn't been removed.

If going full bay intercooler the best places for the AC condensor is in front of the left rear wheel. There is lots of room there.

Then take out the big washer bottle in front of the left front wheel (it rubs on big tires during fast right turns and full lock right turns sometimes anyway) and you still have the small washer bottle next to the master cylinder.

Then mount another serpentine condensor with fan where the washer bottle was. 964/993condensors will fit there and you have to have fans on all of them or they won't do squat.
All the condensor are hooked up in series before the reciever dryer or procooler/receiver dryer if using one.

If you go to a big wide oil cooler in the front middle of the car then you can remove the small one from the right front fender and put another condensor with fan there if you want really freezing AC.
You could probably stick another one with a fan up above the right rear external oil thermostat if you're really crazy too... I put a large turbo scavange oil filter up there in the factory bracket where the evaporative emissions charcoal filter was.

Some people put a big underbelly condensor under the floor pan below the front seats if they can find one but it only works while the car is moving since there's no room for a fan down there.

There is also some room for another condesor with fan like the Griffiths kit next to the wastegate behind the left rear wheel but I wouldn't put one there with all the heat in that area on a turbo car.
There's already alot of rear weight bias in these cars but some folks do that installation.

You can also install a subcooler or procooler instead of a factory type reciver dryer which doesn't remove any heat from the system, but does transfer or exchange some heat from the high side over to the the low side returning to the compressor.
The stock '87 evaporator is a different design and it's better than 1985 and earlier 911 evaporators, but a new serpentine evaporator is better with R134 refrigerant.

If using the stock R12 expansion valve with R134, then you turn the allen head orifice screw/superheat adjustment in or clockwise about a half turn because R134 molecules are smaller than R12 molecules so the orifice has to be smaller and you need to change out all the origonal R12 hoses to R134 barrier hoses so the refrigerant doesn't leak out of the slightly porous R12 hose.. and there's around 40 feet of AC hose in a 930.

You can make 911/930 AC alot colder and it's the easist auto AC to service because it's an afterthought and everything is in the smugglers box so it's easy to get at compared to taking the dash and center console all apart on all newer cars.
You'll never get the air velocity out of the vents like an american car AC turned up to high though because the evaporator box and fan is too small and the AC ducting under the dash is all afterthought convoluted and restricts the air flow... but the car is small so you don't need a lot of air flow.

With all those condensors and fans your car will sound like a hovercraft at traffic lights and your alternator will hate you.
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