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Originally Posted by WANNA930 View Post
Since I do not know your background I will say no insult meant but what is with all the backyard re engineering of the oils? What is with the mixes??? Ask any oil rep and the 1st thing they will tell you is not to mix anything never mind bike oil and auto oil??? Why do you think VR needs anything? Has the high zinc content?

Sorry but I think like most you are trying to over think the whole oil deal. Send a sample for $25 and really find out what is happening and what you need or have going on. If you are some sort of oil expert I need to know what thy mixes accomplish and why the Co's aren't doing this?

NO INSULT MEANT just trying to figure out why and what.
No insult taken.
First off, I posted this because of a fellow Pelicanite (from the U.K.) had asked last year about using STP(red cap) in his 930 to raise the Zn/ZDDP levels. I told him, via this site, that I had been using the additive for a short period of time and saw no ill effects. I'm posting this to report that the additive is ill-advised for turbo engines. It would work fine for NA engines, but turbochargers present a whole set of circumstances.
Secondly, Valvoline VR-1 does not offer adequate Zinc/ZDDP protection, hence the additive route taken. Read "cnavarro" responses in thread Ultimate Motor Oil Thread
Mixing V-Twin Mobil 1 and Mobil 1 20-50W is perfectly fine and is the only way to get high enough Zn/ZDDP levels in Mobil 1 syn oil. In fact, synthetic and dino oils can be mixed with no harmful effects what's so ever. Again, I use the above thread and CNAVARRO's research and posts as a basis of my "experimentation. He is a strong advocate of Brad Penn oil, but I chose the Mobil 1 blend mainly due to availability. It is certainly a more expensive solution, but since I change oil now once a year because of the limited driving season, the overall cost maintenance of oil changes on a yearly basis, is not that dramatic.
Oil Rep's, be it engineers or sales reps, tow the company line. I find hard to trust any of them with what they say. I have heard and read reps say the new CJ4 and SM Oils are perfectly safe for flat tappet engines, but I have read and witnessed far too many cases where two valve, high spring pressure, flat tappet engines experiencing excessive lobe wear. Research the web on Corvette, Mustang, Jaguar, Ducati and you'll see what I mean.

Originally Posted by slow&rusty View Post
Dave - Off topic, glad you did not sell your car and you are keeping it (I hope!). Did you move from WI and how is the new job?

Back on topic...never been a fan of STP and those additives and I am using Red Line Break-In additive with every oil change to replace the lost Zn in new oil.
Well, the jury is still out on selling the slant.
I've owned the car since '98 and I'm still intrigued with the idea with playing with the C2 '90-98 engine/chassis or early chassis with 964 or 993 engines.
I'm still in Wisconsin, but relocated from the "frozen tundra" to the North Central part of the state. No substitute for work, IMHO, and would have gone anywhere in the lower 48 to be a part of the workforce. Work is ok. I've gone from being an IT engineer to a Sales Rep.....Yikes! What a different environment.
Hopefully, one of these days, we can meet at one of the P-car events in the country and hoist-a-drink (or two) to celebrate our experiences.
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