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Scrutinize my turbo setup! Don't hold back, I want to know! It's is on my C3.2 BTW.


Bought my turbo'd '87 Carrera (has 964 bumpers/skirts, replica speedlines, melted tail, coilovers) from a friend who had originally bought it from Miami. The engine only has the turbo setup, stock cams, and 930 pistons and barrels running 1-1.2 (creeps) bar of boost. Exhaust is 3.5"s to 4" by the end of tip. Has full bay IC and either 380cc or 550cc injectors.

Turbo system did not have a BOV until I put my old HKS (1 1/2") on it. Shaft play is really bad and obviously the seals leak really bad causing a lot of smoke under boost.

It has made (I have the dyno sheet) 427whp with the G-50. I was told it has made as high as 447 to the wheels but do not have that dyno sheet to backup data.

Here is how the turbo responds in normal WOT shifting through gears:

1. 1st gear - no/very little boost until 5500RPM, then the sledgehammer effect of full boost
2. 2nd gear - no/very little boost until 4500RPM, then the sledgehammer effect of full boost
3. 3rd gear - slight delay before full boost after shifting from 2nd
4. 4th gear - full boost right after shifting from 3rd.

Anyways, here is the questions I have:

1. Is my headers good/bad?
2. Would dividing the turbo flange/divided turbine scroll be worth it? (read last night the entire fight about this one but still inconclusive and got excited when I saw the WG system is divided!)
3. WG system - is it too long?
4. What size is my turbo? (Friend I bought from says Turbonetics (that's confirmed - has the "T" on housing) T60-1 0.81 A/R. Sound correct?
4. Who made my system? (Friend thinks Protomotive)
5. Why is lag soooo bad?
6. Is the shaft play contributing to so much lag? I would think so?

Cory - turbo'd '87 C3.2 Guards/Blk, 3.4, 7.5:1 CR P & C's, soon to be 993SS cams and GSXR 750 ITB's fed by 964 intake, Borg-Warner S366 turbo @ 1.4 bar, Treadstone full bay IC, TiAL F46 WG, HKS 1 1/2" BOV, twin 044 pumps, MegaSquirt 2 (v3.57 board) w/EDIS, Tramont wheels (285's rr, 225's frt), Big Reds frt, 993 rr., tower brace, MOMO wheel

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