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Originally Posted by drmatera View Post
I hear alot of guys talk about lots of tire spin in 2nd, 3rd and even 4th gear. Maybe my 315 tires hook like glue because at 420rwtq I have no traction issues at all in 2nd gear on up. Even 1st gets decent traction
Trust me, the car is dangerous in cold weather. I nearly lost it a few times. The boost is all on none. One second a stock Honda Civic is pulling me in 1st gear, then the boost kicks in, in 2nd and it violently just slams you back. The last time it spun in 4th (multiple times) is when I first bought the car and was showing my family. That was with 2 people and 100 degree weather.... Since the 275mm PS2's, the traction got a little better.

Originally Posted by 930gt-40r View Post
Well- I finally got my 4094R on my setup and I have to say that with a 1.06 hot side, my new headers (1 3/4" primaries, 2 1/4 secondaries, fully divided...), and no tune- the car spools 500 rpm faster than my PT-67 with a .81 hot side and B&B triflow headers with 1 5/8" primaries. Why it spools faster I dont know- Im sure that the car can breath much easier now. But a .81 is kinda tiny in the grand scheme of things.

Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
Actually, lag will increase if your primaries are larger than 1.5"ID. You need to get to 500WHP before stepping up to 1.625" primaries.

Yes 124mph in the quarter is pretty stout. I love to do the 0-100mph sprints as it is soooo quick.

Tire spin has a lot to do with suspension settings. Mine suck so the 315's can be blown away up to 60mph. Also depends on when Thor's hammer hits. The more lag you have the harder the hit, the harder the hit the easier to bust loose the balognas.
Same here with the tires being blown off but my 0-60 is terrible. 60-100 would be a better run for my laggy setup.

Originally Posted by lite75 View Post
looks like the protomotive header I have except for the wastegate pipe, what's the size of the primary pipes? Plus one on the GT35R, bolt on upgrade from what you have.
<> Need to find a GT35R it sounds like.

Originally Posted by 930gt-40r View Post
Well on my application the 1.75" primaries helped out big time, but that is with a whole host of other modifications as well. The 1.625 primaries were striaght choking my motor up- but thats due to increased displacement, porting, and cams. I am not lying when I say that the car spools like 5-600 rpm faster on the same tune.
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