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Additives are bad.
The oil in your engine handles three requirements and only three requirements:
1. It keeps the metal parts from touching each other, sometimes under extreme pressure (cam followers) and other times under extreme speeds (rings). There is also a sealing function but it is similar to keeping the metal pieces apart by fluid tension.
2. It cools the engine by pulling heat away from the metal and carries the heat to the cooler.
3. It captures and traps contamination and combustion by-products for the oil filter to remove or to stay in suspension until you change the oil.

If you use an oil of the proper viscosity for your climate or a multi-vis oil, you will be fine with #1. Some folks like the additional levels of zddp in SOME of the off-the-shelf oils as WERK listed above. You need to trust others or find out for yourself if you are; first - buying into this, and second - which oils have the higher levels of zddp (the thinking is 1000-1200 ppm is sufficient for our non-roller cam engines).

Almost any oil will handle requirement #2 as long as you do not abuse the oil and ask it to live in the 280-300 degree range for extended periods. The synthetics are a bit better in this area.

Almost any oil will capture and hold contaminants until the next oil change, the caveat is if you abuse #2 above, then all bets are off because the chemistry of the oil may have been broken down by the higher temps. Some oils have higher detergent levels than others and you need to decide if you need this in your application. Unless you race, drive home along a 10-mile dirt road, or religiously change your oil every 10,000 miles, you probably are fine with most off-the-shelf oils.

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