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If you need a number to tell that thing has internal problems and needs to be taken apart... well, great. If you have the time to blow and need those figures, so be it. To ME, if it's broke.. it's broke and I have no need for useless-to-ME-numbers explaining precisely how badly ruined it is.

I mean, let's be serious for a moment. Look at the images of that engine! You can actually suggest that you NEED or even want to do a leak down test? Simply pulling the spark plug would provide all the clarity I would need to know that cylinder is oiling like a stuck pig! If you were driving it like that and you aren't running it out of oil,.. you really don't notice that you are having to add a ..lot.. of oil? Really? We old guys would call this common sense. In terms of determining exactly what is wrong, me thinks that pulling it apart down there and observing which parts are ... falling off the engine rather than requiring disassembly... would be far more specific than any leak down. Oh, you want percentage with all that burned up sticky stuff too? Ok ok ok.. I know.. This is a... technical site..and this is a very technical engine.. ok. So we get the numbers to satisfy a deep inner need to verify precisely what extend the poor thing has been run down to.

Sorry, I don't buy that as a reasonable excuse to need a leak down. As for why I bought one of these silly tools in the first place, it came with a bunch of other...useful.. tools I was buying so there it is. The only genuine useful need for these or using them is when you are racing and trying to get that absolute last hp out of a given engine and you want to know when to replace slightly worn components just as their optimum ability to produce maximum power. I no longer race. It sits. Just for fun. When you get it all back together and correct, break it in.. then run compression and another leak down. It may surprise you.
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