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Originally Posted by 1fastm70 View Post
I was looking for that speed relay but there is not a single thing under any of the seats.
I installed new pump relays thinking that might be the culprit but nothing changed. I also cleaned all relay contacts and fuse wires just to make sure.

I started the car but I had to push the metering plate down a little to keep it on. If I would let it go it would die, feels sort of like if the engine wasn't sucking enough air to move the plate on it's own. Can the metering plate be adjusted somehow?
Ahhh....another tidbit of information....

So, even with your metering plate switch plug un-plugged, you find that the pumps continue to run but the car won't stay running unless you push down slightly on the metering arm? There really isn't any reason for any adjustment to be needed unless the pivot point is worn/corroded/sticking or something bent the arm...which it shouldn't be but who knows? You can adjust the arm to deliver more or less fuel (see the mixture adjustment screw on top of the fuel distributor) but I'm not sure that would be a good idea (yet) as it could just compoud your problem. If you want to try that, then turn the screw clockwise about 1/16 of a turn and see if the car will keep running. Each time you turn it, you'll be going richer. Keep track of your starting point.

Does/did this seem to occur only with a cold start, or also when hot starting? Did this problem just crop up out of the blue, or slowly became a hard-to-no-start issue?

Make sure that your fuel control and system pressures are correct - easy to check with the correct gauge setup. Could be that your WUR is causing fuel delivery issues (i.e., too much control pressure, not allowing the arm to deflect enough to deliver fuel). Could be your cold control pressure is too high, indicating an issue with the WUR.

Finally, you might have nothing more than a nasty vacuum or air leak somewhere on the intake. Don't forget to look for the obvious first.
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