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Originally Posted by gsmith660 View Post
That is not entirely correct, a part number is a part number the lower end on the SC and the turbo share the majority of the internal parts I believe the difference is the oil pump area as the turbo was designed with a higher capacity pump than the SC and other subtle changes but basically the same. As for cost 22K is certainly possible for any motor but if you are doing the work yourself and not using all exotic parts (as most stock lower end parts are well suited for a turbo motor) you will not need near that much money. As for your "basterd-child" comment to each their own I didn't do it for the established value idea I did it because it's kind of like climbing Everest just to see if I could do it which is more the spirit of this forum and more of what the original thread author was trying to do.

Don't take offense at the 'bastard-child' comment: I am sure that someone down the road would want to buy it, but personally I won't touch someones "project" car with a 100 foot pole. Why? Any 911 is seriously de-valued when the engine is re-worked into something it never was intended to be. The crank, heads, pistons, bore, just to name a few are major differences between the normal 3.0L SC engine, and the 3.3L turbo. Those and many other changes are the 'subtle' differences that make the engine upgraded to take the forced induction(which that 930 was designed and engineered for), along with the RELIABILITY. I am sure you could twin-turbo a 911SC engine, but it might only last 10-20K.

You could chase down parts for 6-12 months, and beat youself up in the heat/cold of your garage, only to result in something less than desirable.
Even as an engineer, I trust the engineers at Porsche a LOT more than me that they did the research and development on that turbo motor. Trying to spin yarn into gold in my own garage...I just can't go there. My 7 years in university was my "mount everest". I'm not going to try and re-invent the wheel, when it's sitting right in front of me.

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