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Originally Posted by Tilikum Turbo View Post
Your just a "hater" dude...that's all. Dumb people don't create jobs or the future products we all use. Since I spent 7 years in school(which DADDY didn't pay for), YOU resent that because maybe you got a GED or HSD(or a little college)? Please stop being so petty. It's not a crime to grow up in a well adjusted family, where parents actually encourage their children to think and grow beyond the cro-magnon NASCAR mentality that floods our incredibly dumbed-down society.

BTW...I did my "community" service as well...3 years in the US Army, so i come from the school of hard knocks as well.

High and mighty...NO.

But do I have 1-kick @ss turbo 911 as a result of MY hard work..."lucky" me, eh? Because I love my bastard child doesn't mean I have to love yours(and vice-versa)
No Im not a hater "dude" I didn't get a GED either since you asked I completed the Naval nuclear power program with honors under Rickover when I went through it was listed as the 3rd most difficult college level school in the country then did 8 and a half years in the Submarine service and now work in the commercial nuclear industry as a radiation protection specialist and sometimes as a chemist and other times repairing the electronic systems that monitor the reactor that you engineer guys didn't design properly. You still think I have a cro-magnon nascar attitude. Let me ask you did you upgrade your brakes and suspension to handle this new hp and torque as well as the unsprung weight that you have extra back there as for your 915 trans just the clutch is not an upgrade it is well documented on this forum that the 915 cant take the hp or the torque from the 930 motor thats why they made the 930 trans. Thats about all the help your gonna get from me and I urge all the other guys on here that basterdized their cars to ignore you too. By the way I did all my own work as a hobby did you? Why no I see you had somebody do it for you less than 30 posts on here and your acting like that, BYE BYE now.
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