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Originally Posted by 1SIK930 View Post

What is WUR? adjustable, or digital? Warm Up Regulator. All our cars have one, it regulates fuel pressure to the fuel distributor in response to temperature and boost(warm up regulation is but a small part of what it does). It's responsible for maintaining the correct air-to-fuel ratio.Many of us run with the stock unit which is just fine as it is. When/if you get into modifications that may benefit from fine-tuning things, then there are only two options: Go with the recently developed ditital WUR, or with a modified and adjustable WUR from Brian Leask.

How can I run a blow-off valve, that blow's out to atmosphere? Your car comes with a recirculation valve that recirculates the boost charge back to the infeed of the turbo when you get off the throttle (i.e., shift gears). For the type of fuel injection system we have (CIS) this system reduces turbo lag between shifts and prevents a super-rich fuel conditon that would happen if you vented that boost air charge to atmosphere instead. Why would you want to blow off to atmosphere unless you're just wanting audial verification and just get-off on hearing that boost charge whistle off? Venting to atmosphere is fine with EFI controlled fueling but not recommended for CIS.

How can I run Electronic Ignition? Your car has electronic ignition, as in CDI. The stock unit is ok, or several upgrades are available (MSD is popular).

Can I run a Garrett GT turbo in the stock location, and what size for 5-600hp? If you plan to run that kind of hp, you'll need a whole lot more than just a different turbo. Stick with the KKK K27 varients....7006 or 7200 until you've sorted out your goals.

What EFI setup is the best, 3.2 manifold or.....? No input from me on that one....I'm a CIS purist.
HELP, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just some general educationaly stuff. Understanding the infinite detail of your new 930 would take a lot of discussion. See my comments above.
Welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy the hell out of your 930!!!
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