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Water / Methanol Injection

I'm adding a water / methanol injection system to the "Old Sled"

This subject has been kicked around here a few times but very few seem to be taking advantage of it's benefits. Chris Toy is the only guy on here who seems to be an avid proponent of WMI and runs it on his, TO DIE FOR, 930 powered 356 Speedster. WHY ?. Im starting this thread in an effort to get some experienced feed back on WMI as well as to introduce it to other 930 freaks that are also concerned about controlling detonation.

I'm buttoning up my motor and am about to put it back in. I started going through the list of mods, upgrades, replacement parts, trick s---, cosmetic enhancements, and the "I've got to have that" items that have been added since I started this. I will tell you it is exactly everything I ever wanted in a 930, it's "my" perfect ride. I also started adding up the cost of building my dream car and realized it could easily approach the cost of my house if I let it. That said, I have a very justifiable concern about how to keep from blowing it up.

My build is not anything that would be considered radical, my intent was to build a reliable street engine in the 350 - 400 HP range using what the factory gave me with all the tried and true bolt on mods. I want to be able to boost 1 bar now and then and I only drive it on the street. I have no desire to drive 200 MPH but I do like "quick". As we all know here, I am not asking for the moon, this is not a difficult task. But !!!!! as we all know it can all go south in a millisecond with detonation. The D word, it is actually spelled DEATH.

In an effort to avoid DEATH I started reading all I could to understand it, what causes it and how to avoid or at least control it. I am already doing all the obvious things, montior afr's, DWUR, never rev past 6000 RPM, run the highest octain gas I can find, run programmable ignition with boost retard and closed loop map feedack, EBC with 1 bar set point.


Quote: Alcohol Injection Systems

"In recent years, water methanol injection has become ever more popular and recognized as an invaluable tool for both gasoline and diesel forced induction engines. As well as normally naturally aspirated applications. While often times referred to as a “chemical intercooler” it is more commonly used in forced induction applications due to it’s substantial cooling effects and added octane increase it adds to pump gas. Reducing air intake charge temperatures by 50-200+ degrees F almost instantly. Providing a substantially cooler denser intake air charge for a greater expansion of power within the combustion chamber. While also largely eliminating the problem of engine “knocking” and allowing user to run higher levels of boost, compression and increased timing."

Lets hear some feedback on this as it can be a significant benifit to those of us
who are concerned about keeping our 930's together and on the road where they belong.

Cole - 80 930 "The Old Sled"
Mods: TurboKraft Custom IC, 934 Headers, GSX 61, Zork, Port Work, SC Cams, Air Mod Fuel Dist Relocated, Water Meth Injection, BL WUR, MSD 6530, Greddy EBC, Synapse Bov, Short 2nd & 3rd with 8:37 R&P, Wevo Shifter, Coupling, and Mounts, MTX-L SSI-4, Big Brakes, Rebel Coilovers, Bilstein Sports.

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