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Cole, Yes the bog was the sudden delivery. I had a crude and very simple home made set up that was either off or on. With the small jet it was fine but as I started pushing the car harder I increased the jet accordingly. To give an example of how hard you can push 93 octane and meth here was my combo

small black Ford 302
9:1 comp
Iron heads
(anybody experienced with boost and SBF's know haed gasket sealing is dificult.) Boost and timing have their limits before gasket failure. On 93 fuel the safe tune with decent IAT's would be 20* total advance and around 10-12psi of boost. I was able to safely reach 26* total timing and 23psi of boost even in the 90+* summer heat with zero detonation on my 93/meth set up. Those are race fuel numbers at pump gas prices. Now E85 is similar although since it's injected right above the intake valve you don't get the initial cooling advantage. But detonation resistance is still very high and more boost can be run safely. While timing advance can be raised as well it's not always necessary at peak rpm but I always saw a healthy increase of mid range torque and HP when throwing a more aggressive timing advance in the 2000-4500rpm range. My last dyno trip saw 15 more ft pounds across the rpm range stated above with a mear 2* increase of timing. E85 does love increased igntion timing but not everywhere and all the time.
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