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If you put individual water injection nozzles just before the intake ports how would you ever know if one or a few of them clogged?
I really doubt there is any way to know because the hardware and sensors to monitor water flow in 6 seperate lines would be way too expensive.

...this is not a fair comparison to the water injection kits available today, but I had a cheap Edelbrock water injection system on a singlle downdraft carburator BMW 2002 way back in 1980 and the little spray holes in the brass injector would clog up from dried mineral deposits in the water every 4-6 days of daily driving.
It used intake manifold vacuum going to something like a MAP sensor to trigger the little windsheild washer type pump to spray water or alcohol/water down the carburator throat.

Of course, theoretically a more expensive and higher pressure system should work better if you use distilled water and alcohol mixed together... i guess.

Anyway, I put up with the piece of junk for about a month before removing it and throwing it in a box and forgetting about it.

How often does anyone ever use the headlight washer nozzles?
Never right? ..because you gotta wash the stupid car afterwards.
So, how about a Rambo water/alcohol injection system,,, just put a momentary switch under the gas pedal that turns on the headlight washer pump thats already mounted on the side of the 2 gallon windsheild washer bottle in the left front fender and run a hose to a single small injector above the throttle body so it sprays water at full throttle.

Now, I'm just kidding and trying to make some useless humor with the whole idea because I would never trust even the most expensive water/alcohol injection set up to work consistantly or not clog up the nozzle for longer than 2 weeks of use.

Good luck with the water injection kit installs, I hope they wrok well and I'll be reading about the long term results with interest.

I'd just spray water mist externally on the top of the intercooler with an array of several small jets when accelerating or on demand by pushbutton to cool it off if doing anything.
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