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Originally Posted by mark houghton View Post
No such list exists, AFAIK. Don't feel stupid by just asking (we've all been there at one time).
Here are a few off the top of my head. Feel free to correct and/or add to the list.

WUR - warmup regulator, otherwise known as the control pressure regulator
LSD - a magical elixir brewed by Timothy Leary back in the 60's. Or, if you prefer, Limited Slip Differential
AAV - auxilary air valve
AAR - auxilary air regulator
TTS - thermotime switch
CDI - capacitive discharge ignition
OB - generally used in discussion, referring to Over Boosting
MSD - aftermarket ignition
ATDC - after top dead center
BTDC - before top dead center
EBC - electronic boost control(er)
WG - wastegate
PP - pressure plate
TB - throttle body
TOB - throwout bearing
IC - intercooler
BOV - blowoff valve
BL - Brian Leask (maker of adjustable WUR's)
WEGO - Wideband Exhaust Gas Oxygen. . . . sensor. or WB02
and if you go standlaone fuel/ign controler youll need the following
TPS - throttle position sensor
MAP - manifold absolute pressure.......sensor
MAF - mass air flow.......sensor
ECU - engine control unit also known as PCM powertrain control module or EEC Electronic engine control
IAT - intake air temp....sensor
WOT - wide open throttle
CKP - crankshaft or cam position sensor
FRP - fuel rail pressure
AFR - air to fuel ratio
Man, we're smokin' now!!! Added everyone's input to-date. WTF AFAIK there aren't too many acronyms left. Hey, this could almost be a new sticky!
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