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fuel lines / vac lines / brake lines etc

Dear All,

I completed the PPI on the 3.6 turbo and it appears to be in very good condition. I will hopefully complete the purchase shortly, though this depends on successful negotiation of price with the seller. I expect it will go forward.

There is a very small oil leak which I would like to get taken care of and a few minor glitches but overall the car is in exceptional condition with only 13000 documented miles. I reviewed the service history and noticed that none or very few of the fuel or vac lines had been changed.

As you all probably know Thailand has a very hot climate and rubber parts tend to degrade very quickly. While the engine is out I think it would be a good time to at least address the fuel lines and probably replace the vac lines as well to avoid pesky and difficult to trace problems later. Same goes with the brake lines. While they may be ok for a while, "may" does not give me much comfort and the thought of an engine fire caused by a leaking fuel line is my worst nightmare.

A lot of the fuel lines are composites of metal fittings with rubber lines. Based on my experience with the 928 gts I know these are very pricey parts from Porsche, especially the longer lines which have multiple bends to the metal tubing. I may well have one of my suppliers who builds racing engines cut the rubber from these and replace it with fresh stock. Since the labor rates are so low here this is usually a very cost effective solution and in the end yields a higher quality product since they use a very modern grade of rubber which is more suited to the climate here.

For other parts who in America (or possibly the UK) is a good supplier for other parts for these cars? I realise that a lot of the parts are cross overs with the regular 964 models but obviously there are a fair number which do not. I have checked this site carefully and found that many of the parts I am looking for are not found in the database (even standard 964 parts) . There is also no section really dedicated to turbo specific parts or at least I have not found it yet. Of course I am very thankful to Pelican for supporting this useful forum and would like to patronise them but if things are not available I would like to have other options.

For the 928 I have used 928 specialists extensively and they have been exceptionally efficient and friendly to deal with but of course they are limited to parts for the 928. The recommendation of members of this forum would be very useful in this respect.

Thanks and I look forward to getting to know all of you in the coming years.

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