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As far as the 930/911 Turbo debate goes:

In 1976 Porsche introduced the new 930 Model. This was a new Type/ Model not an option to an existing model. The Porsche chassis number has always desingnated the Type/ Model as a part of the chassis number. From 1976 to 1979 the first 3 digits of the chassis number designated each Porsche Model. There were 4 Porsche Models in 1976 911, 930, 924, and 928. There was no 911 Turbo.

While the model and year can be determined by the first 4 digits all the way to 1979, the remainder of the coding changes from year to year.

An example would be 9309800123.

930 – (930 Turbo)

9 – (1979)

8 – (930 Turbo USA 3.3L)

0 – Coupe

0123 – Sequential Number.

There was no 911 Turbo

In 1980 the chassis number coding changed but still contained 10 digits. This was done to add a manufacturers location code. Consequently the first 3 digits changed from the Model number to a Model code as designated below.In 1980 the year numbering changed to a lettering code, A=1980 B=1981 and so on.

An example would be 91A0140001

91 – (911) or 93 - (930)

A – (1980)

0 – (Manufacturing plant)

1 – (Type supplement 1=911 / 3=930)

3 – (Engine version – 911-3.0L U.S.A.)

0001 - Sequential Number.

There was no 911 Turbo

In 1981 the 10-digit V.I.N. changed to a 17-digit number that we still use today.

The year code changed from the 3rd digit to the 10th digit.

An example would be WPOAAO910BS120001.

WP0– (World producer code-W=Germany, P=Porsche, 0=division)

AA0 – (VDS – Vehicle destination) AAO is USA and ZZZ is Rest of World.

91 – (First and second digit of Porsche type 91 for 911) or (93 for 930)

O – (Test digit)

B – (1981)

S – (manufacturing location/ Stuttgart)

1 – (Third digit of Porsche Type - 911)

2 – (Body type-911SC coupe USA/Canada)

0001 – Sequential Number.

There was no 911 Turbo

The only reference to "911 Turbo" that will be found is the one used in the engine code designation. It is rumored that the marketing department chose to use the "911 Turbo" term because it tied the new 930 to the 911 flagship rather than being mistaken as a variant of one of the lesser models in the line. As a result many of the manuals, advertisement, articles, and brocures were produced with the 911 Turbo marketing tag.

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