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Nope. Not happening. Not for this poor bastid, this time.


I do feel compelled to encourage any youses on ze fence who've not heard much about this to GO. In fact, I was just searching for something else (bat-post, guy in my Audi forum just clobbered one with his A8 - figured I'd show him how we roll heh heh), and I stumbled upon 'this' - which upon rereading - I just find fitting to motivate any youses out thar:

Originally Posted by krasuskyp View Post
Awesome Jake, thanks for posting. Looking forward to Part Duex, etc.! 8-) So awesome to 'relive it'... now a highly prized memory forever. I find myself daydreaming of random bits of it randomly.

You're spot-on Jim, it was beyond stupendous to have 'that many' 930s bombing along all together. We enveloped the roadway and infested it like a swarm of angry bees. For miles. And MILES. It was *quite* choice and pretty much beyond description of awesomeness 8-).

Unfort. I'm a 1000% total no-go for any 'PALOOZAing in the coming months. Next year, if I'm lucky. Heck I was lucky for 6/09 8-). I defy you tho to defy 6/09, and await sock knockage! 'That' *certainly* demands annualization. And I defy the rest of yous to not miss 'it'. 'It' NEEDS to be experienced - 'it' is like a drug... but lega....... d'oh I cannot even say that w/ a straight face baaaaahahahhaahaa...

Make us proud me broham...

btw we should def. look into posterifying ^that^, looks *great* retouched-up by JFairman (IIRC)... yes.
Make us proud men! Hoist one or 17 back for me, capice? And beware Cleatus 'n Roscoe ya hear???? (this means YOU Senor Shadetree - lol)...
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