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There are a lot of things to consider when equipping a vehicle with a intercooler.

You can't just throw a massive big ole honking intercooler on there. I mean you can, people do it. But it does not mean that they are increasing performance.

You'll deffinitly change boost pressure at the manifold if you exceed a particular demension.
And effect response and other areas.

It depends on the materials being used, and concept. Normally one designs a system to work with a particular architecture and with in specific parameters.

Beyond that as mentioned here demensions play into the equation, space, air flow.

I think theories are great, but each firm spends it's own amount of time in terms of research and developement.

Most the very elaborate or cars doing serious amounts of power or speed are not running off the shelf stuff, some might, but usually people develope a application specific to their requirements. So in short, it's pretty hard to say this or that system is better, perhaps more ideal.

Anyways, there are a lot of factors involved, so it depends Porsche GAL on what you're requirements are.

Good luck-
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