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Originally Posted by Schwarzeritter View Post
I noticed you guys really are harsh and critical of cars that come up for sale.
I understand nobody wants to be scammed or screwed, but sometimes I get
this sense from forum guys of ( Because I did not do it, or because in my little world ) it's not possible or has not been done that it's not possible or must be some sort of scam.

Not be like a jerk, but I constantly remind people, just because individual A. Can do something, infact does not mean you and he or I are created equally. Thus just because he did something does not mean you can do that of individual B or C. Infact more often then not I see more people attempting things they can't do ( burning themselfs ) and then doing things they can do. Then they come on and complain. ( I know, I know, I sound hella mean, I am the devil and sound like a jerk. )

But I mean whats hard to believe about 2bars and 600hp? I am not saying it's the hoilygrail of 911 masterpeices. But at the same time guy's I see just as many complain and make justifications on a cars value as I do see people attempting to sell things waaay over-priced.
Besides in a lot of other countrys such as in Japan and Germany there are a lot of 930's and 964's lurking around, hell 911's period lurking around that are really not into the whole forum techhy talky thing.

Last but not least, nobody and I mean let's be real, nobody exactly gives up the inner exact details of there engine build or tuning settings. And one man's build may not work for another man, and so on I think my point is pretty clear.

It's a nice looking car, I like Silver, perhaps the wheels aren't my cup of tea.
I think it's a great car for somone else, but not me. I think it's good for a guy who
can aford to make the adjustments with regularity and who want's a Tuned or Tuning firms
solutions for a 930. ^_^

My bad if I sound jerk-ish or mean, that's not my intention.
I think the thing is, that just because you can do something short-term to get HP or Torque, doesn't mean you should go down that road. For every extra HP you gain in some mod, you will lose some degree of reliability/wear and tear. How MUCH reliability you willing to sacrifice as a function of HP is anyones guess. When I was doing an internship between Andial and Jim Busby Racing in 1989-1991, a very high HP engine might go 2-3 races before a very expensive rebuild.

When I found my 911, it was a 1.5 year search to find an absolutely stock car in great condition, and go from there. When someone has already a "project" car, that's now for sale, it would be wise to tread very carefully before getting out that checkbook.

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