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Originally Posted by 930gt-40r View Post
This is not like a pissing competition that someone lost- its just that people who know the system understand what it is physically capable of and know that 600hp is not within CIS's capability. Yea, none of us have gotten 600hp out of CIS- But you know why? IT CANT BE DONE...without a wet nitrous oxide setup .

Now that that is out of the way... The 380HP 930 in the listing is a very beautiful car. And it really looks like the guy who owned it really did "spare no expense." The Kokeln/B&B/K27/Etc... is a great setup and is in a clean car.
( haha ) Good sense of humor 930GT!

I am not having a pissing contest, I am just stating, a lot of people on forums
have this mantality that if it has not possible with in a forum that it's not possible.
Just because a few 930 guys have not made 600 here on Pelican. Sorry, the world is a big place.

The world is not bound by this forum.

Beyond that, I build and engineer management systems for a living, both the software and hardware as well delivery system too, amongest other things.

Although I think CIS is rather obsolete but amusing and fun, I prefure EFI anyday, ( With ) the right engine modifications, turbocharger or turbochargers, modifications to CIS and the CIS architecture it's possible. <- Note: I did not say with his modifications he could run power levels all day everyday, or even with the existing modifications. I simply said we should't assume it's impossible. <-

I gotta run, have a good weekend you guys.
Taze em..TAZE EM ALL!!
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