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Momo Prototipo - anyone got a horn button?

I finally got around to installing my Prototipo, along w/ new nylon column bushing (tx PaulR!) that was mutliated on ze Dragon last June, as well as a Zuffenhaus 2" hub extender - WOOT.

Gotta say - that wheel coupled w/ the extender sure do make the f'n car. SOooooo much better. W/ the 1.75" diameter reduction you sure do steer w/ your shoulderblades now! Love it. And finally no more knees into the dashpad - FTW!


It had a sweet crest'd horn button mounted nice and snug on it when I got it from my bud, it was off a 914 and had 'that' hub adapter on it.

Well the horn button is like 1/4" too small diameter to snap into the Zuff hub. WTF?

Doesn't bug me too much, as the stoopid button don't worky the horn anyway (more WTF - what can actually fail inside that!?!?).


Anyone got a spare laying around? Or, source for a crest'd one (vs. "Momo")? Pelican? Tho I'm sure they're $$$ of course.

Also, from the files of "I rule" (I truly am awesome, incarnate)... me being me, I managed to shatter the cancelling ring when I went to re-install it. WTF? If I can Fup, I find a way. Anyone got a spare laying around? Or just surf Pelican here?

Course in it's demise it also tweeked my signal stalk so that my lights go off w/ signals - I tinkered w/ the metal contacts some and got it better, but have more work to do on it. Anyone got a spare?

Remember... my pain = your humor. It ain't easy bein me (Fecal Touch). I disintegrated my TR3 steering wheel hub last night trying to remove it (colossal PITA). Awesome.

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